About Jennifer Garrepy

Jennifer Garrepy the Pet Therpist with here cat

Like you, I love my pets.  In fact, I can’t imagine life without them. I also get how challenging, even screamingly frustrating, pets can be. They often come with behavioral and health challenges, my own pets included.

My own “problem children”

My cat, Indigo, has his behavior challenges.  He periodically decides to meow at some ungodly hour before dawn to demand his breakfast.  I keep this in check by using the Healing Touch for Animals behavior change protocol to reinforce how this meowing is unacceptable.  And, of course, since many of our pet’s behaviors stem from our own actions, I re-train my husband periodically in how to react to Indigo’s meowy demands.


Not to be outdone in the challenge department, my cat, Tango (the cutie pie on my lap), stopped eating and had to have a feeding tube inserted in his neck to keep him alive.  He was diagnosed with poor digestive motility, and the vet

prescribed meds for him to be on – for the rest of his life.  As a holistic healer, that did not sit well with me. I changed his diet, added supplements, and used energy healing to support his body to self-heal.  When I tell people he’s 14, they are flabbergasted. 


I get it
So, when my clients tell me how sad, angry, or frustrated they are with their dogs and cats, I get it. 

It’s heartbreaking when your rescue dog hasn’t yet bonded with you, doesn’t know how to play with toys, and is afraid of everyone he meets. 

It’s painful to leave your dog home alone and know that he’s panicking, and that you’ll come home to a chewed-up door frame and neighbors threatening to get you evicted because he won’t stop howling. 

It can wreck marriages when your precious cat pees all over your partner’s expensive shoes and down into the heat registers; he wants to get rid of the cat, and you’re furious he can even have that thought. 

And it’s devastating when your pet is diagnosed with cancer or has been hit by a car.

You’re not alone
It doesn’t have to be that way. You are in capable and compassionate hands when you work with me.


My signature system includes:


  • Proven energy healing techniques


Did you know that an estimated 30% of all pets have anxiety?  Anxiety is a major contributor to “bad” dog and cat behavior, and yet many people are unaware of this.  Clients all over the world call me their “Pet Therapist” because I solve fear issues in pets on an emotional and energetic level.


The energetic system is the most fundamental system in the body.  It is where illness and disease first show up.  When you address your pet’s energy system, you are positively affecting every aspect of their health, helping their bodies’ normal physiological responses to work as they should. Ultimately we all self-heal, from the inside out.

  • A comprehensive look at your pet’s background and current life situation

Your pet’s behavior, anxiety, and health do not function in a vacuum. Together we’ll dig into what’s holding your pet back from enjoying a happy, healthy life, and how we can change that.

  • Coaching and cheerleading for you

How can you change what you’re doing if you don’t know a better way? I coach you in what you can tweak to bring about positive changes in your pet, and I’m here to cheer you on every step of the way. We all need encouragement from someone who understands what we’re going through and can keep us motivated.


My 20 years of studying human behavior and coaching employees in the corporate world has honed my listening skills and my ability to hold space for whatever emotions may spring up in you as we work together.

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I’ll ask you some questions to dig into your challenges and then, if we agree we’re a good fit, I'll describe what working together looks like.  There’s no pressure and no cost for the call. It’s just a great way for us to connect in a way that allows you to make a good decision about what to do next.