You'll Thank Yourself Later For Training Your Dog To Use This

I did an earlier video on how crates can be really helpful for training puppies. But if you never used one when your dog was a wee one, or you adopted an older dog who’s never been in one, I’d like to encourage you to get a crate and get started.

Trust me. Your future self will thank you.

Why? I’ll give you 2 reasons.


If you ever go on a road trip or stay at a hotel, bringing along a crate and having your dog love going in it will be a godsend. Nice, comfy blankets that smell like home will calm your dog. Your dog’s barking will be kept to a minimum and chances are you won’t be kicked out of the hotel.

Medical Challenges

Although we hope for all of our vet visits to be routine, odds are that one day your dog will need to be hospitalized or will have surgery. It’s not uncommon for a dog to be on “bed rest” for several days to several weeks, meaning you’ll need to find a way to keep them from running around. That’s where a crate comes in handy. If your dog is already loving his crate before this day, both of you will be much, much less stressed.