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Jennifer Garrepy the Pet Therapist with her cat

Pet Behavior You Can Live With


You brought home your new dog, all starry eyed. You had visions of going on long walks, snuggling on the couch, and sharing your new love with friends and family.


Or you brought home your new cat, feeling all mushy inside.  For you, your visions were of a cat purring contentedly on your lap when not merrily playing with your other pets.


Instead, you find yourself feeling stressed and worried. You still love your buddy like your own child, but life isn't what you expected.


Perhaps your dog howls, whines, and destroys your stuff when you leave him home alone. Or he barks non-stop when people come over.  Or he's deathly afraid of men.


As for your cat, he's peeing outside the litter box. Or he hasn't integrated into your household, hiding under the bed or attacking your other pets.

If you're looking for solutions that will fix these behaviors and connect you more deeply to your pet, you're in the right place.


Hi, I'm Jennifer Garrepy, and I help pet lovers all over the world change their pets' behavior.


With 20 years' experience coaching people in the corporate world, I can help guide you in making lasting changes. And as a Reiki Master and one of fewer than 100 certified Healing Touch for Animals™ practitioners worldwide, I can work directly with your pet - even virtually - to bring about the emotional and energetic shifts your pet needs in order to be successful.


I invite you to explore not only the Behavior page but the Health page (yes, I help pets to have better health, too!) to see how I can help you reach all the goals you have for you and your pet.


I'm so excited to get to know you and your pets on a deeper level.

Jennifer Garrepy - Pet Therapist
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Happy Clients

Meet Charlie

Charlie had severe separation anxiety – chewing through 2 crates and unable to be left alone for even one minute – and now separation anxiety is no longer an issue for him!   

Meet Layla

Layla was an extreme barker who made it impossible for her pet guardians Taqwa and Scotty to have guests over to their home. Hear how Jennifer overcame their skepticism and helped to create a happier household!

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