Meet Charlie

Charlie had severe separation anxiety – chewing through 2 crates and unable to be left alone for even one minute – and now separation anxiety is no longer an issue for him!   

Meet Layla

Layla was an extreme barker who made it impossible for her pet guardians Taqwa and Scotty to have guests over to their home. Hear how Jennifer overcame their skepticism and helped to create a happier household!

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Thanks for your great work with our six year old West Highland terrier. Some might call him stuck up and aloof but those of us that know Harley realize he is just a sensitive guy with a penchant to introversion.


Before Jennifer’s sessions of Healing Touch, our offer of a cozy place on the couch next to us would go unheeded. It’s a different story now. Harley snuggles! Another change we’ve noticed is that he is more comfortable in his hind quarters. 

This was an area he did not like touched perhaps out of sensitivity or insecurity. Bottom line, so to speak, is that Jennifer accomplished some remarkable changes in this dog in a short time. Thanks Jennifer!" 

— Laurin McElheran, DC DABCO